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TAME [video installation documentation] Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, DE . 2019

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LN A/V Live Set [TEOREMA . Urban Spree, Berlin . 2019]

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LN end of 2018 rig

LN live at Perm [ph. Anna Cano . Berlin 10.2018]

Loud Neighbor live [part 1] at Staub A/V edition [visuals by LN + Adel Akram Alameddine]


A few words from out first neighbor, Chola.

Loud Neighbor started off as just that, a loud neighbor. What appeared to be a normal, family residence in Buenos Aires was in fact the source of rumbling bass, squelching synthesizers, manic voices and banging beats that poured into the streets. Formed by Christina Steel and Martín García Blaya in 2008 emerging from the dark, dirty corners of illegal warehouse parties, Loud Neighbor has had many homes- Buenos Aires, Madrid, Brooklyn and now Berlin. This nomadic lifestyle and exposure to different scenes influenced their sound, always in the realm of techno, always evolving, always live.

Interference Pattern LIVE set up for touring 2018 - Berlin - A'Coru√Īa - Milan - Valladolid - Madrid - Los Angeles - Philadelphia - Salt Lake City - San Pedro Sula - San Salvador - New York

Interference Pattern, Loud Neighbor's second album came to planet earth last Februay on Detroit Underground. With a strict improvisational hardware only way of doing things, LN approached the production of Interference Pattern the same way as their live performance. The result is wide-ranging collection of electronic sounds, dense atmospheres and broken beats that evoke the past while aiming to the future. Inspired by the Holographic Principle, Interference Pattern reflects over the limits of human perception, both in sound and vision.

LN Self Portrait [Berlin 2018]

hologram /ňąh…íl…ô…°ram/ noun / 1. a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. 1.1 a photograph of an interference pattern which, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.

holographic /h…íl…ôňą…°raf…™k/ adjective / produced using holograms.

Holographic [v. Martiín García Blaya & Christina Steel]

interference pattern: an overall pattern that results when two or more waves interfere with each other, generally showing constructive and deconstructive interference.

Interference Pattern feat. Ernesto Romeo [v. Martín García Blaya, Marmor & Christina Steel]

Interference Pattern Installation [ph. Christina Steel . Berlin 2018]

Interference Pattern Album Presentation & Video Installation [Berlin 2.2.2018]

holographic photoHolographic 35mm [ph. Christina Steel . Berlin 2018]

Herrensauna 35mm [ph. Ana Tabatadze . Berlin 2017]

Perm 35mm [ph. Maik Yells Berlin 2018]
Boiler Room [Berlin 2016]

Funkhaus K1 [ph. Martín García Blaya . Berlin 2016]

Funkhaus K1 set up [Berlin 2016]

Thesis [visuals Bruno Galan Ruiz, ph. Diana Kunst . New York 2015]

Captcha "La casa de la abuela" [Spain 2015]

The House Project [El Salvador 2015]

Escape Control [v. Jon Cates 2014]
Brooklyn Halloween Loft Party [ph. Louis Sparre . New York 2013]

Fresh N' Up [Portugal 2012]

O'porti√Īo [ph. Anton LP. Spain 2012]


Sunjam [Honduras 2011]

Slutstamp [2010]
Loud Neighbor live sketch at Stardust [d. Liniers . Spain 2009]
Saturator [Poland 2009]
LN / New Hope at cheLA [v. Fede Lopéz . Argentina 2009]

cheLA [Argentina 2008]

Annonymous letter from the Neighbors of Belgrano R [Argentina 2008]

Loud Neighbor [Argentina 2008]